Frequently Asked Questions

What is included on the Virtual iTouch platform?

Virtual iTouch platform includes the following components:

  • Virtual iTouch Salon and Spa
  • Virtual iTouch Mobile Client
  • Virtual iTouch Mobile Employee
  • Virtual iMonitor Television App (GoogleTV)
  • Web Portals for clients, employees and owner

What Devices do the Virtual iTouch Platform support?

Virtual iTouch runs on AppleĀ® IOS Trademarked 5.0 & 6.0 devices. When implementing integrated credit card processing, The Magtek IDynamo Credit Card Readers is supported. The Virtual iTouch iPad and iPhone apps are available for download from the Apple App StoreĀ®. You can leverage as many iPad devices as you like simultaneously. There is never a need for a computer or to install software using traditional methods. It's as simple as downloading the app from iTunes or the AppStore.

Does Virtual iTouch require internet access?

You must have internet connectivity (utilizing either Wi-Fi or a data plan from your mobile device service provider) for your Virtual iTouch devices and to access the Virtual iTouch Salon and Spa back office system. Wi-Fi is required to connect to the Virtual iMonitor and most peripheral devices. For instance printers and the Imonitor device.

How is the Virtual iTouch software priced?

The Virtual iTouch platform leverages a Software as a Service (SAAS) and Subscription-based pricing model.
We support the following pricing models:

  • 30 day free trial
  • Solo User: $39/month
  • Silver (1-5) $59/month
  • Gold (6-11) $79/month
  • Platinum(Unlimited) $99/month

Is there an additional cost if I use multiple devices?

You can run and operate your business on all of the Apple Ipads that you own. Unlike other Salon Management offerings, there is never a cost to register additional devices. Take your Ipad with you wherever you go and gain access to the same features that is available in your back office. Leverage the power and mobility of the Ipad to run your business.

Can my staff and clients work with Virtual iTouch also?

Of course: Unlike our competitors, Virtual iTouch comes with full access to our free mobile apps for your clients and staff. You can push offers, discounts and messages to your clients and staff from your Ipad back office app. Your clients can create and cancel appointments directly from their mobile devices. Your staff can create, view and cancel appointments for their clients. They can modify their availability on the fly and have their calendar updated automatically on your back office system. Now your clients and staff have the same great salon and spa management features that you have.

Does the Virtual iTouch solution have credit card support?

Yes, We partner with Merchant Warehouse Credit Card integration to give you an out-of-the-box full integration experience. If you prefer not to use Merchant Warehouse, we will allow you to use your exist credit card processing company. Either way, Credit card and gift card processing is fully integrated within our solution. More importantly its FREE

Is Virtual iTouch completely wireless ?

No longer do you have a need to purchase wired tethered devices. Virtual iTouch supports a wireless integrated credit card swiper that on the Apple iPad. Use our SocketMobile bluetooth scanner for scanning inventory and checking out your clients. No need for a receipt printer because we integrate with your existing wireless printers.

Does Virtual iTouch integrate with social media concepts

Virtual iTouch integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We allow you to send offers, discounts, messages and photos to your clients and staff using those components. For example, in our photo tracker component you can take and store photos of your clients and post them out on Instagram without ever leaving the Virtual iTouch app.

Do I have to backup my business data?

Virtual iTouch partners with Amazon for cloud services. Cloud means that you never have to be concerned with backing up your data. We do it for you.