Why Virtual iTouch

Virtual iTouch is uniquely designed to help you Manage and Grow your salon and spa business. Whether you are an independent contractor, booth renter or salon owner, Virtual iTouch has a solution to fit your daily needs. Virtual iTouch is not a product, but a Platform. It provides full integration with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are leveraging our Ipad back office solution, our client and employee Iphone apps or just seeing your clients entertained with our GoogleTV in-house monitoring component, Your business will flourish. Virtual iTouch will bring your salon experience into the new millenium.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain:

Our hosted solution provides you with the ability to run maintenance and hassle free. Installation is as easy as downloading the app from the Apple Appstore. New releases are pushed down automatically to your iPad without a complicated install process. Unlike competitive solutions, Virtual iTouch runs 100% natively on the Ipad. No cumbersome web-based interfaces. No need to be a technical and computer geek. NO computer skills - NO Problem -

Cost Effective Pricing:  

We provide our services at the lowest cost possible by utilizing a software as a service(SAAS) approach. Our solutions allows you to expand your services as your business grows. Stop paying for features that you don't need and overpaying for costly add-ons that are essential to your business. Compettive solutions forces you to pay for payroll, timeclock, credit and gift card integrations and marketing features. Virtual iTouch never charges for these essential features. STOP Overpaying for your Salon and Spa software.

Feature Rich Services: 

We provide a feature rich and on-demand set of capabilities that overshadows traditional outdated salon management solutions. Our solution integrates natively with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Send photos, messages and promotions without leaving our app. Our mobile point of sale engine allows clients to easily checkout, pay tips and book additional services without costly and bulky credit card hardware.

Smarter Innovation: 

Our solution was designed and developed to provide an innovative approach to salon and spa management. Whether you are using our Self-Service Kiosk, reducing your clients wait time by allowing them to book and manage their appointments from their iPhone or leveraging the Virtual iMonitor HDTV component to show clients where they are in the queue – Innovation continues to be the heart-beat of the Virtual iTouch solution.